Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another New Fading Suns Blog Post: Character Creation!

Am happy with what's been
revealed so far, but what about
the combat system, RedBrick?
You can check it out here. I did.

I'm so glad that the Lifepath system (not random ala the default of Traveller or the various incarnations of the Mekton and Fuzion systems) of Fading Suns 2nd edition has survived. A major improvement over the more straightforward straight point-buy + profession templates, this gave a sense of how a variances in particular background gave you certain skills and abilities, which is important in reinforcing the sense of character and setting.

Also, it does help in faster character creation (if laid out and explained well) by making the step-by-step character creation a sequence of two or three choices and applying the consequences -- meaning the skills and any other abilities associated with the selected template and helps suggest the broad strokes of a character's past. Plus, there are a few unspent points left over afterward to customize the character further

There are hints of additional wrinkles to the Lifepath character creation method dealing with Extra Tours and other playable aliens that we'll have to wait for Fading Suns 3rd Edition to reveal.

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