Monday, January 17, 2011

Shifting to Castles & Crusades

Or am I?

Actually, I did like the Labyrinth Lord approach -- but at some point I realized I preferred ascending Armor Class rules and a more unified resolution approach (fie on thee percentile skills for thieves). At the same time, I'm not much for the separation of races and classes in Castles & Crusades and prefer the more simplistic race is class approach especially for an online Play-by-Post game which I plan on using it for. But we'll see if that's more trouble than it's worth.

My original Play-by-Post game was blown out of the water by a sudden increase in workload and responsibility last year. I plan to return to it this month, but I also hope to make combats run themselves (sorta) by posting the NPCs and PCs in a single table that shows all the ACs stats and initiatives in one table and just have people declare and roll dice and call their successes or failures as they fall.

As for setting -- still my version of Mystara. We'll see if we keep them in the same dungeon or flash forward a few days into a fresh start. I guess it depends on how many original players jump back on.

For now, I plan on 'converting' each of the characters and see where that brings me.

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