Friday, January 21, 2011

Piecemeal System Reviews: Guidelines

Well, my tendency is to want to do a page-by-page reviews of RPGs and sourcebooks and I get bogged down by going through things in sequence. And I get bored and stop.

So I want to just point out little things that I love in those same books and hope to encourage and see more of and affirm and whatnot.

This by the way was spurred on by my going through all of the books remaining in my collection and realizing how some books had some real gems that were in a not-so-engaging package and how little love these things get (and may get lost as newer gamer generations pile up).

Some things I can think of and want to bring up in the future (all apparently related to damage rules):
  • BTRC's original TimeLords RPG's complicated but enlightening damage rules
  • The ill-fated Fuzion RPG rules from Hero Games and R. Talsorian
  • Call of Cthulhu's not-so-simple sanity rules
  • Mekton's non-random damage rules
  • Top Secret / SI's damage location rules

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