Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mining Mystara #2: the Hin

Okay, first off I hated the portrayal of the Hin (halflings in Mystara) -- the roly-poly to fat halflings who loved all the comforts of home with a little bit of skill in the use of slings and ability to disappear into the brush. A somewhat three-note view of the Tolkien original, I'll admit, but not a very satisfying portrayal for me.

However, I've mentioned before (in my post Halflings are hard-core!) that the Jeff Dee image of the halfling was also rough and tumble, sneaky, and good to have on your side in a fight. So I wanted the Five Shires (in GAZ8 The Five Shires) to work.

Things I Like
I like the concept of high-level adventurers retiring in the shires. I like the possibility of sending PCs into the place to find old adventurers with secrets to dungeons and ancient kingdoms and coming away with new knowledge, some low-level magic items, and perhaps a handful of halfling adventurers in tow. I also like their bravery against raids from the Black Eagle Barony.

And I like having different communities comprising this nation, giving the potential for more variety to the stereotypes of halfling communities -- such as a coastal town or city populated mostly with halflings.

Things I Don't Like
I was underwhelmed by the "denial" ability of the Hin, and the Black Flame abilities, and the creeping senses of sameness and blandness that the Gazetteer eventually left me with. I feel that there's a lot of potential there without giving strange communal mystical powers to the Hin, and finding reasons why halflings (and halfing communities) are constantly underestimated.


  1. Gaz8 is one of the few Gazeteers I was never able to find...but Mentzer's stuff in general left a taste of "blandness" in my mouth.

  2. Really? Interesting -- I hadn't thought to blame Mentzer for it..

  3. I always thought Blackflame was something to do with the Immortal of Entropy Nyx...and the Hin were a sleeping Disaster waiting to be unleashed.

    Black Flame burns Metal as opposed to wood - which means that it could have been used to clense the Savage Coast of Cinabryl the Red Curse.
    It also burns brightly inside gems (seen in its origins) - meaning it might be useful in eliminating the Radiance from Crystals of the Shadowelves.

  4. Well that's an interesting perspective there, Anonymous.

    I do prefer the Blackflame as being something the Hin guard (and occasionally use), rather than a 'power'.

    And your ideas on the use of the Black Flame are interesting adventure seeds indeed.


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