Monday, January 24, 2011

Green Ronin Games: A Word from the Boss

The big boss at Green Ronin Games (Chris Pramas) has posted what 2011 will look like on their blog.

Want a quick summary?

Mutants & Masterminds
They're going to release a new city for the official setting of M&M 3rd Edition: Emerald City. This is going to be a West Coast fictional city that is going to be slowly revealed in the following manner:
  1. Threat Reports -- an ongoing PDF series that introduces various antagonists from the city (already available in RPGNow);
  2. Heroes Journey: Emerald Knights -- a six-part PDF series meant to introduce players to the city, which will start some time in Feb 2011;
  3. The Emerald City Sourcebook -- which you're going to have to wait for GenCon to see.
In other M&M 3rd Edition news, they're coming out with two GM-related books -- the GM's Guide (which seems to be more genre and source material-oriented) and the GM's Kit (which includes useful tools like a GM's screen and a quick, balanced, random (!) character creation system).

DC Adventures
Closely related to M&M 3rd Edition, the remainder of the three book RPG deal with DC Comics should be fulfilled this year. Expect two villains-oriented books and one book about the DC Universe.


Dragon Age
A game I largely ignored as an MMORPG-tie in property suddenly leaped to the forefront of my gaming awareness when I found out that a fan-made PDF for Mystara using Dragon Age rules exists. I downloaded the sucker and it is a gorgeously laid out PDF 110-pager.

So I guess I'll be looking for Dragon Age Set 1 (levels 1-5), Set 2 (levels 6-10) and Set 3 (levels 11-20) as they come out this year. Well, Set 1 is already out, but I don't have it yet.

I was a fan of their Freeport stuff back in the D&D 3E era. Never got to run it, but they sure look nice and read nicer. They're not doing much for it now, but apparently they're watching sales of their Freeport Companion for Pathfinder to see if they'll come out with more for that system. I wonder if I should pick up the Castles and Crusades version to vote with my wallet for that one?

Dang, they gots several flavors of that book for different systems!

I've got to save up
Damn you Green Ronin for making me want to spend so early in the year! 

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