Friday, March 5, 2010

Setting Mashup Source #3: Kult

Kult was an RPG I played in, but never had the courage to run (and I mean that on multiple levels).

Aside from resonating with the whole 'reality is a prison' vibe that we'd also get from Code: Black, there's something else I'd take from this: our world is an Illusion -- and reality is trying to break through it.

The slow appearance of cities in our world is the effect of the real world -- the city known as Metropolis -- slowly making its way into ours.

One can imagine in D&D how all these city crawls can give us glimpses into the many facets of this primal city archetype, and how the twisted humans and creatures and monsters that infest some of the biggest fantasy cities and somehow urge these cities to grow larger is evidence of Metropolis attempting to escape from the prison. If this twisted city of "heaven" or its many facets is doing this to the cities, what are all these dungeons?

The sewers, the under city, the "hell" of metropolis is also trying to manifest itself on the wild natural landscape of the world.

Another page that can be taken from this: the Archangels and their evil counterparts all have the equivalent of avatars ensconced in various places of power and are taking control of the world for good or for ill -- kind of how pantheons of gods manipulate humans for their own ends. The entire backstory of creation, gods and the missing Demiurge can provide the foundations for the watered down and contradictory version of 'religion' known to low-level dungeon crawlers.

Okay, enough with sources dealing with creation myth, reality and its underpinnings. Time to move on to the world that PCs deal with on a daily basis.

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