Friday, July 21, 2017

Star Trek Adventures -- The New Star Trek RPG

On the Radar: Star Trek Adventures

Star Trek Adventures is the latest Star Trek RPG to come out, and it's full of promise. I've written some things on Star Trek RPG gaming in the past (Roleplaying in the Worlds of Star Trek 1 and 2), but it's always good to get a copy of the latest one!

With Star Trek: Discovery coming out soon (at the time of this writing), the various Star Trek TV series available online via various streaming services, and no mean amount of nice online references, it's a good time for Star Trek gaming.

I'd even throw in the Star Trek Timelines mobile app as a great reference and resource. You get great pics of the various characters from the shows (some even from alternate timelines), a great tool that allows you to screencap your ship from various angles against various planets and space backgrounds, and even some great adventure ideas complete with plot progression maps that aren't solely advanced by combat.

Not sure about it? Well, before I get started on my evaluation of resources for this RPG, let me share with you the links of a Philippine Gamer's study and review of the book:

Star Trek Adventures: Part 1 -- Introduction
Star Trek Adventures: Part 2 -- United Federation of Planets
Star Trek Adventures: Part 3 -- Your Continuing Mission
Star Trek Adventures: Part 4 -- Operations
Star Trek Adventures: Part 5 -- Reporting for Duty
Star Trek Adventures: Part 6 -- The Final Frontier
Star Trek Adventures: Part 7a -- Social Conflict
Star Trek Adventures: Part 7b -- Combat
Star Trek Adventures: Part 8 -- Technology and Equipment
Star Trek Adventures: Part 9a -- A Home In The Stars
Star Trek Adventures: Part 9b -- Starship Combat
Star Trek Adventures: Part 9c -- Starship Creation and Alien Vessels
Star Trek Adventures: Part 10 -- GMing, NPCs, and Review


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