Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016: The Year of D6 and Diceless Gaming?

2015 was largely eaten up by other priorities. But this coming year I plan to post a lot more regularly.

Oddly enough, my game reading has begun to follow a pattern that may help in promoting RPG play in the Philippines (in some small way). And that is: studying games whose mechanics use regular d6s, cards, and/or tokens.

The games currently taking up digital space in my tablet for reading are:
  • Night's Black Agents
  • Lords of Olympus
  • Lords of Gossamer and Shadow
  • Champions Complete
  • Fiasco
  • FATE (Core and Accelerated)
Projects involving these for next year include:
  • A FATE treatment for the Calidar setting
  • Night's Black Agents + Dracula Dossier + Doctor Who setting (Torchwood / U.N.I.T. special ops crew vs. vampires)
  • A continuation of the Lords of Olympus in Mystara idea
  • Lords of Gossamer and Shadow + Doctor Who + TimeLords + Sapphire & Steel mashup

One can dream, yes?

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