Monday, August 31, 2015

Doctor Who: Farewell to Time & Space?

Well this is a short one. The new 'edition' of the Doctor Who RPG, formerly known as Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space (DWAITAS) --

is now known as --

-- Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. I guess enough time has passed since the FASA one, but I do wonder at the change. Was it because of the sheer length of the old name (despite the neat acronym), or because of some legal issues?

In any case, I do enjoy the look of the new book. Darker, somehow drawing from a shadowy yet still science fiction-y feel. The wild eyed, grey-haired look of the Doctor also somehow adds to the subtle shift in feel, though it's still the same system (Vortex) as before. A regeneration, as it were.

However, with the change in the status quo of the Doctor Who universe, is it finally time to clock in some gaming hours for this? Only time will tell.

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