Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lazy Post: Women in the Super-Hero Genre

I got a request for Darna in my last lazy post, but she doesn't really fit into the fantasy genre -- more of the superheroic genre. Hence this lazy post (which includes the female cosplayer pics in action / heroic poses that I could find on a cursory glance). Yeah, I'm primarily a DC fan -- but I like a lot of off-beat Marvel stuff too.

Darna 2009.
Portrayed by Marian Rivera
Darna 2004
Portrayed by Angel Locsin
Cosplayed by Jackie Ashley
photographed by DanaBelle

Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon cosplay from
cosplayer Knightess Rouge.
Photography by Janet Drake.
Model: Sarah Scott
Photography: Superhero Photography


  1. Surprised not to see Alodia in this set :-)

  2. I was looking for action shots, less of the glam shots... but I think I saw a nice Black Widow one of hers.


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