Sunday, April 21, 2013

Timelords and Elements -- opposing factions in a Temporal Cold War?

Some of my thoughts about the Plagues that I posted earlier skipped to the idea of a Timelord analogue, with a fantasy equivalent of Gallifreyan citizens trying to enforce an optimum timeline that saves the best kind of multiverse from an extra-multiversal invasion / infestations (which is how they view the Plagues).

And then I happened upon my fascination with Sapphire & Steel, and decided to take the Timelords entirely out of that setting and figure out how to merge the Timelords and the Elements into a single universe.

The Doctor is, of course, a rebel to his race. The Elements -- well, Sapphire & Steel in particular -- have spoken about others trying to obtain their loyalty These others, known as Transient Beings, apparently can change their appearance and prefer a more centralized chain of command, greater control over time -- even though they apparently seem to be working toward similar ends.

That almost sounds like Gallifrey, particularly when the Doctor starting running afoul of their attempts to curb his travels and 'meddling'. Now that the Doctor locked them away, what about the Elements? Particularly two trapped Elements in a Nowhere trap?

Sounds like a fun element to throw into a DWAITAS campaign!


That's my side of things. Let me know what you think, my friend.

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