Sunday, February 10, 2013

Playing with the FATE dice

I was revisiting the result distribution of the FUDGE / FATE dice for the 4d6 option, when I thought about applying a variant of the classic Hero System BODY roll to reading the dice. In this option:

1 = -
2 through 5 = 0
6 = +

This results in this distribution (courtesy of

In essence, the chances of a +4 or a -4 are 0.16% combined. This means that the modification to someone's basic ability rating is more or less likely to take place between the -3 to +3 range. There's a chance that there might not be enough variance in the rolls during gameplay, but we'll see. Certainly not as varied as the range for the standard FATE roll below:

It makes me think that perhaps the standard FATE roll is better, but I want to tweak it because -- in the absence of actual FATE dice here in the Philippines, it may be easier to just explain that 1 is -1 and 6 is +1 and all the other dice faces are 0.

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