Saturday, February 23, 2013

Isle Imperium 1.39 -- Operation Wildflower Debriefing

Once various parents and refugees are somewhat settled into the Undercity (entry to and exit from which is announced to be restricted past midnight), the First has dinner with BREGAN, at which they learn that he has been permitted to remain with the legion, but is forbidden to bear shards for a probationary period of six months, during which he has been advised to find employment in the Undercity. Bregan seems out of sorts and less mentally astute than previously; however, he has fared better than Maxilius, Brigit, and Teregan, who were forcibly retired to the extreme extent of having their very capacity to slot abilities removed. Bregan posits that this is due to one of the ruling warders’ frustration that Bregan himself was not harshly sentenced.

The First are then summoned to successive debriefings with the first tier, during which they meet the juniors of the latter and:

  • They report on communication during the mission in general, and in particular, the occurrences with the Renegade Warder, Grey Speaker, and Brother Sun. Cinelis confiscates the aforementioned shards for examination and advises them to share the relevant information only with Patricus, Ollie, and Terry.
  • They learn that the shard responsible for the ambush on Canar’s number is most likely the Renegade Scholar.
  • They learn that SER ORLANDO was formerly the Pride of the Silver Legion, having been in that legion for 12 years, encompassing 11 in the Circle of Ten and 8 in the First. He also bore the Renegade Scholar for 3 years.

  • They report everything except the Bone Collector’s ability to convert bones into bright light, which Terry worms out of them anyway and advises them to share only with Kenjiro.
  • They learn that there were previously a total of 12 legions, all the pride shards of which at one point changed into renegades and left their legions—among these is the Contemptuous Martial, which Kenjiro is known to have encountered. Renegades are said to be able to operate as if they had their own sort of writ.
  • CATALINA and Terry read letters to each other and make up from their prior disagreement. The entire legion seems to get wind of this, which leads to an interesting rumor about LADY ADRIA and Lord Hanor.

with FIDA
  • The First are simply congratulated by the seemingly disinterested Diamond Midnight Cloak Warder.

  • They report on all matters concerning finance, at which Kenjiro directly greets Mr. Potior and assures him that his abilities will not be abused. Overall, Kenjiro is satisfied, if not quite impressed, by the First’s performance.
  • They learn that the chained ivory dragon allows the Ivory to convert energy from ability use into bright light.
  • ALECTO (who has “the honor of being the Warder of Finance’s woman”) tells Kenjiro about Tel Tin Tor’s advances, the news of which annoys the Diamond Obsidian Couter Warder greatly.

with AUDEN
  • They are congratulated for their achievement, particularly for the evacuation of Salermo, which Auden sees as an opportunity to recruit new potential mounts.
  • Some confusion ensues, in which MANTIUS and VARIAN attempt to report the matter of the Renegade Warder. Auden subtly tests the number, after which he returns the scroll bearing the information to them, saying that it is not a matter under his purview.
  • For ‘passing’ Auden’s test, Aly is selected for special training under the Diamond Coal Greave Warder.
  • The First report the matter of the Renegade Warder, with the understanding that Ollie will be privy to the general report concerning the rest of the mission as well.
  • They learn that Senator Patricus negotiated the exchange rate to 100:1 from 250:1 during his time as Pride.
  • Cat warns Ollie about Kenjiro’s possible reaction to Aly’s report.

  • The First report the matter of the Renegade Warder, with the understanding that Patricus will be privy to the general report concerning the rest of the mission as well. He congratulates Varian in particular.
Cinelis then sends the First, through Aly, to check on a disturbance outside the dome to the Northeast. There, they find a blue-skinned VEDA, who first asks for help before blocking Cat and Aly’s actions and then saying, “I have them.”

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