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The Court Adamantine: A Preview

The First from the Emerald Legion
(well, actually a Tron Samurai by
SuperKusokao from here)
After the Isle Imperium series of game summaries, I'll be posting the next series of game summaries which will be called The Court Adamantine. Many characters from the Isle Imperium series do manage to survive into this next campaign. Here's a quick preview:
Alecto, finding her attempts to contact others (like Julia and Bregan) who might be capable of aiding her and Mantius thwarted by the marid, grows increasingly suspicious and resolves to break out of the moment of stilled time.

The marid interferes with her attempts to contact others in the Court by shunting the timeframe of her abilities into a randomized sequence of shard abilities.

Aly responds by calling upon an ability of the Saint of Clocks (part of the portfolio of her All Saints / Saint of Saints shard) known as Chronal Aid, before her form reverts to the basic form of Sanomagus. The respondees to this Chronal Aid and their respective actions are:
  • The First (Katsumoto bearing the Esteemed First Heavenly Court Martial), the Fourth (Renjin bearing the Lost Warbound Celestial Shadow), and the Third (Aji bearing the Crimson Blade Tempest Whirlwind) of the Emerald Legion, from a time before they knew her as a member of the family. Together, they destroy the cohesion of the marid physical form.
  • Ser Raimundo mounted by the Forsworn Blade Knight, Ser Lawrence mounted by the Templar of the Order of the Gilden Drake, Ser Rinaldo mounted by the Silverthorn Champion, Ser Ildane mounted by the Silverthorn Scholar of the Silver Legion from a time before Ser Orlando left their roster. Together they destroy the cohesion of the marid’s sentience, and determine that the marid believes it is telling the truth -- and that the marid itself has been deceived.
  • Emilio Raseldan mounted by the Ebon Rake Admiral, Rissa mounted the Frontline Sanctifier, Ojin mounted by the Redstar Cloudstrike Champion of the Ruby Legion from back when they’d first met Alecto. Using the Critical Strike to determine the truth, they trigger the summoning of…
  • Pandora and Sonata from the Amber Legion, who are able to commune with the lingering spirit of the dissipated and ruined marid, and learn that a Renegade of Diamond is responsible for the deceptions layered upon the the water elemental.
  • Crucis, beloved of Jahmoud, confirms that the Renegade of Diamond in question is indeed Canar, the Renegade Warder and reveals the hidden form of an alternate Canar – one that is concentrating, and holding onto a time artifact: a cornerstone of a city of time, also known as the Timehold.
Alecto confronts this other Canar. Alter-Canar reveals that he has been trying to indirectly kill Mantius by sending him back to dangerous moments in the past, altering them slightly, hoping that Mantius will perish. Their confrontations devolve into physical altercations, ability exchanges, and eventually a battle in shard space (referred to by Alter-Canar as The Fugue).

Returning to her own shard tower, Alecto attempts to find a basic Nemesis Fist ability known as Ruin Armor. When she uses it, however, Alter-Canar reveals that he has developed countermeasures to it. Jeren, who had apparently been granted asylum in Alecto’s shard tower, attacks Alter-Canar from a balcony higher up in the shard tower with the ability Lost Flame Expression.

She stalks after Alter-Canar, and burns him and every bit of him that attempts to reintegrate itself. Then she turns her attention to his structure with the Lost Expression of Ultimate Devastation. It is utterly destroyed.


  1. The title Saint of Clocks really appeals to me for some reason. Interesting stuff!


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