Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DM Screens: Game Artifact of the Past?

The DM screen to the right is one of my old, and most used, DM screens. I used it for D&D BECMI, and used it for D&D 3.0 (by pasting the cheat sheets on the insides).

Nowadays, people tend to use laptops and tablets and the like for their tables and charts and whatnot, right? Searchable, zoomable, taking up less table space?

On the other hand, I liked a lot of these DM screens, especially things that had nice pics on the front, establishing the mood for the players.

Should there be a new boom of DM screens or something like them?


  1. Since i own no Tablet, I'm still stuck in the cardboard GM screen age. And I have to say, I quite like it. I totally see the benefits of going high tech, and this isn't a Luddite posts, but I I think there's something to be said for a gatefold screen. I know the arguments about why they're a bad idea and that they create a boundary between GM and player, but they serve a useful purpose. And because they can be easily made and modified to fit the game you're running, I think they'll carry on being used for quite some time.

  2. @Paul Thornton: I've been slowly getting rid of my gaming stuff because there just ain't no space for my books and gaming stuff no more.

    But I do like these artifacts of my old gaming life.


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