Monday, May 14, 2012

On the Radar: Eldritch Skies

Eldritch Skies seems like an interesting Unisystem RPG. Especially with the Mythos-inspired setting, and the MegaTraveller-inspired font choice and cover design (YMMV).

This book is a complete role-playing game of Lovecraftian science fiction that uses the Cinematic Unisystem. It contains all rules needed to play, and requires no additional material beyond your imagination and a few dice.

In 1931, the Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition found the Elder Ones' city.

In 947, the Mi-Go crashed at Roswell.

In 1958, we used barely understood eldritch powers and took the step to Mars.

In 1994, human scientists cracked alien technology and overcame the lightspeed barrier and brought us the stars. They also brought us the madness that lies between them -- the mind-twisting undarkness of hyperspace.

It is 2030. The Gilman-Hawking drive has given us access to the stars. But we are not alone. We've never been alone.  Aliens, gods, and monsters are out there; but they've always been here.

We walk amongst giants. Tread carefully.

I like Unisystem, and -- like almost all Cthulhu Mythos influenced settings -- it should be fairly easy to crib material from other game settings.

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