Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CharGen: A Hero in ICONS

Pencils to Jim Lee's ICONS. No relation.
Decided to try out randomly rolling up a super-hero in the ICONS RPG. It's a rules light system with some infusion of FATE rules.

Here's what I came up with:

Prowess - Ideal Maximum Human (6)
Coordination - Above Average Human (4)
Strength - Superhuman (8)
Intellect - Exceptional Human (5)
Awareness - Above Average Human (4)
Willpower  - Ideal Maximum Human (6)

Number of Powers: 4

Control - Telekinesis (2)
Mental - Animal Control (6)
Defensive - Invulnerability (4)
Offensive - Aura (1)

Specialties: 3

He could be your classic tough guy with the Invulnerability and the Superhuman Strength, but then he has Animal Control really high up there, and some low-level Telekinesis, plus a really low level damage aura. Gotta think up a concept to match the powers before I go further.


  1. Cool! The best part of random chargen in ICONS is coming up with the matching character concept. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and your other thoughts on the game. I'm a big fan of ICONS myself - I even have an ICONS-centric blog (

  2. I didn't know that -- first time. Anyway, my concept is up in my next post!


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