Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pagan Magic-users: Pythagorian Mathemagicians

Unlike the clerics of the Pio Familia, the Magic-Users of Enigmundia do not worship the gods of the lost Imperium -- nor do they view them as such. Most of them were inculcated into the mysteries of magic in a very rigorous manner similar to the Pythagorian Mystery Cult.

They are taught the secrets of mystic geometry, drilled in the domains and limits of the various entities and intelligences that were known as Gods of the Imperium, and learn the formulae that allow them to tap those sources of power and influence for their own use. When casting spells, their words and thoughts consist of petitions to the Gods of the Imperium, numbers, equations, geometric patterns, ideal geometric solids, harmonic theory, resonance, pitch progression, and octaves.

Minerva is one of the primary entities that is called upon with regularity, due to her influence over magic, her preference for calculated offensives over brute force, as well as the legendary shield that she owned and wielded. 

Janus is another primary entity whose power is tapped, primarily as an Opener of Doors -- most spells ask for mystical portals to be opened to the primary entity and allow their influence to be felt in the world. 

Terminus is another primary entity called upon. His affinity over boundaries synergizes with the mystic geometry and keeps the powers of tapped entities bounded within acceptable parameters -- ones that do not risk the ire of the dominant Gods; ones that do not accidentally leave unwanted resonances on the places and people affected by the powers called upon; ones that do not seek to rouse the sleeping Gods of the Imperium from their stygian prisons. Of course, less scrupulous magic-users look for ways to replace Terminus in their modified spellcraft -- but only the most intelligent and learned tend to survive this risky tinkering with age-old mathemagical formulae.

Many Magic-Users subscribe to the belief in souls; it is certainly part of their official training. Some are driven to learn the secrets that will allow them control over these souls and memories once their mortal shells pass on; others seek to extend the durability of their bodies beyond natural lifespans; still others seek to bind their souls to other things that don't wear away.


  1. I always thought that would be a great addition to a game. Have you ever seen the anime Reign: The Conqueror? It's a science fantasy retelling of the life of Alexander the Great and features some really cool Pythagorean mystics.

  2. I'm really not up to date on cool anime. Would you recommend the series, or the movie?


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