Monday, February 20, 2012

On the Radar: Seeker the RPG

When I used to frequent Game Stores, there were RPGs that would catch my eye, ones that -- based on cover and backcover blurbs -- were totally not my thing to run, but would be interested in trying out once with a good GM; ones that, if it wasn't wrapped in plastic, I'd be intrigued enough to pick up and leaf through to see if the text would convince me to buy it.

Seeker would've been one of those RPGs. Check out the blurb:
Seeker is a role-playing game of wandering mystics and philosophers on the back roads of the rural US.
  • A complete role playing game. No other products needed to play.
  • Uses ORC-L, the lite version of Organic Rule Components, designed for quick character creation and light or live action play.
  • Play PCs from any background, tradition or philosophical viewpoint.
  • Each character approaches enlightenment, self-improvement or wisdom in their own unique way, and each gains unique abilities from it.
  • Contains “Weaponized Honeybees,” a complete introductory adventure.
  • Although Seekers’ adventures may take them anywhere, extensive information is given on small-town America and the secrets and dangers one may find there.
And there's a game system too! I'd be curious about it. It comes across as potentially very touchy-feely, but I get the feeling that trouble on the backroads of America isn't all going to be hugs and kisses.

Seems like a good resource to meld with Weird Adventures, primarily for the urban legends and telling details of road travel in North America. Of course, I wouldn't know since I can't say anything about what's actually inside the book.

And it seems like Vajra Enterprises (Vajra? Not to show my complete cultural ignorance, but wasn't that the Tibetan name of Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt?) has several other games and sourcebooks out as well, and they seem intriguing. In the old days, they'd never get shelf space -- now they have to contend with being drowned in the huge catalogs of online stores. And honestly, what genre is this going to be filed under?

If it were fiction, we'd say contemporary fantasy (not urban, given the road-based theme), but where do you find that on DriveThruRPG? Tear through the huge number of items under the Fantasy category?

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