Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Return to Sutek - The First Batch of Characters (Nobility)

Classic depiction of a Hawkwood from the
Fading Suns rulebooks.
The first batch of characters in GM Bobby's Fading Suns campaign is nobility heavy.

Most notable -- due to the number of times that the other characters used his name -- was Baron Kendrake Hawkwood. Relatively inactive in the beginning of the game, but often talked about and used as a source of convenient authority throughout the investigation, he eventually became central to the resolution of the first phase of the adventure.

As an interesting counterpoint, there are two members of House Decados clan -- traditional rivals of House Hawkwood. Fortunately, these Decados were no longer directly affiliated with their House. Lt. Sincerity Decados owes at least part of her allegiance to the Charioteer Guild; the other Decados (whose name escapes me right at this moment) has given his allegiance to the Emperor and is an Imperial Questing Knight.

Last of the nobility was my own character, lifted straight from Redbrick's Adventure Shard "A Road So Dark" was Sir Raimon Keddah. My character was fairly instrumental early on with his use of the cybernetic Spy Eye to record the escape of the suspected murderer from the deceased Sir Gerald Hawkwood (Imperial Questing Knight)'s room.

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