Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From the Fading Suns Blogs: a Misfit and some Updates

I'll be honest: for a while I kind of shut off on Fading Suns, waiting for that seemingly imminent announcement that the first book of Fading Suns 3rd Edition is out.

However, that hasn't happened and I've hopped onto the official blogs to see what news there might be.

On the blog The Reborn Sun, there's a very recent example (Aug 31, 2011) of character creation that shows how far you can bend the character creation system to make a given character concept. In this case, you have a misfit who -- apparently -- was given metahuman abilities after being subjected to experimentation of the Li Halan world of Rampart.

On the blog Void Transmissions, there's an older post (June 2011) with some bits of news about work on the Gamemaster's Guide -- and some of the decisions I heartily agree with. In particular the choice to shift the tone away from in-game narrative to a bit more straightforward 3rd person omniscient (although some coyness from the authorial voice is acceptable) sourcebook is one I'm happy with -- it should shorten some of the writing and be more to the point.

So it looks like that Fading Suns 3rd Edition is still alive. Whew.

I wonder if they need any help on this thing -- it seems like there's a lot of heavy lifting on very few shoulders.

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