Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fading Suns: Return to Sutek

It was cool to game again with GM Bobby and a lot of other folks I used to game with back when Fading Suns was a major portion of my gaming life.

GM Bobby brought us to an interesting corner of the Fading Suns universe -- Sutek. Supposedly the first solar system that the jumpgates took humanity to, it has held some interesting allure for him on a meta level. His first campaign also started there.

This time, however, there was an interesting mix of older players in a different time in their gaming lives. The game was an interesting mix of classic game elements (mysterious death, factional intrigue) and off-beat role-playing (PC rivalry and miscommunication).

And it was fun! Don't know how much time I can dedicate to this campaign, but I hope to eke out some time for it while it lasts.


  1. I'm looking forward to following your progress with this campaign. Fading Sun's is an awesome setting.

  2. I too am interested in playing more in this campaign, schedule willing.

    And perhaps sometime in the future run Fading Suns again. :)

  3. I too am interested to see how this develops. Keep it up. Thanks


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