Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Varied Magery

The wizard's name is -- uh -- Merklynn. Yeah, that's it.
For me, one of the big attractions to new Fantasy RPGs is to check out the magic systems (which are part of the overall setting, yes) and the mechanics used.

While in the HERO System, almost any magic system can be created (with varying degrees of ease) the concept behind the system is where it usually starts first.

Now, what if -- rather than starting 1st level and moving up in a general sort of magic school -- you start in a very specific (yet eventually broad) niche? I'm not talking about evocation, abjuration necessarily but... well, here's a list:

Color-based philosophies
White Magery -- healing, curing, purification, absolution, resurrection
Black Magery -- damage, corruption, destruction, damnation
Colouratives -- auric manipulation, light manipulation (visual illusions), prismatics

Elemental Magery
- fire mages (aduromagus? pyromancy?)
- water mages (aquamagus? hydromancy?)
- metal mages (terramagus A?)
- plant mages (terramagus B?)
- air mages (aeromagus?)
Alternative Magery
- sound and frequency mages (clamormancers?)
- summoners / channelers
  -- human spirits (saints, powerful deceased)
  -- inhuman spirits (holy spirits, elemental spirits, fallen spirits)
  -- holy entities
  -- unholy entities

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