Saturday, July 16, 2011

Inspiration: Capitan Alatriste RPG

Oh, I wish I had a copy of this. Preferably in English, but the Spanish would be fine as well.

As source material on Spain and swordfighting and the culture of the era, it would be as invaluable as the novels that the RPG is based on!

I have been following the author of the books, Arturo Perez y Reverte, ever since a friend introduced me to the novels The Club Dumas and The Fencing Master. When I found out about the Alatriste series, I greedily devoured them as well -- swashbuckling, but with the same sense of gritty, textured noir that pervades the other novels.

All the art is by the artist who does the covers of the novels, I'm told.

The rules system (as reviews on have stated) appear to be a very rules lite version of GURPS. Based on what I've been able to piece together (a number of words in the Filipino tongue are also derived from the Spanish language and at a point in time, knowing Spanish and one other European language was considered a sign of class and distinction among the well-to-do families of the Philippines, so I get the gist. Plus I studied Spanish in high school and watched Sesame Street) it is a rules lite resolution system, but with a lot of emphasis placed on manuevers and tactics in combat. Especially sword fighting.

In fact, there's supposed to be a sourcebook out on various Esgrima (fencing) fighting styles already!

I want to come out with an RPG like this, but with a Philippine flavor.

Maybe when I've gotten one small RPG or sourcebook completed first.

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