Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fading Suns: Latest Blog Post

I seem to have missed the prior blog post, wherein an example of one-vs-many conflict resolution is shown, but it's likely only Fading Suns die-hards like me are paying attention to that nitty-gritty anyway.

A more recent post relates that the Fading Suns Player's Guide is now out of the writing team's hands and is undergoing final editing and layout -- and sufficient progress has been made there to give the table of contents of the book! It even goes on to share the latest working table of contents for the next book, the Fading Suns Gamemaster's Guide.

Several things of interest in these two TOCs:
  • new material in the "history" of the campaign setting, so the timeline has been moved forward a bit;
  • the Game Mechanics chapter promises to be interesting, given all the prior tidbits on the much-needed game system overhaul;
  • the Psychism and Theurgy chapters have also been mentioned in the blogs;
  • as was the Cybernetics chapter, which promises to make cybernetics more interesting to incorporate into characters while still having a trade-off;
  • the Goods and Services chapter should help define how having different tech levels across various planets and cultures all works together;
  • the revamped Starships rules have been briefly touched on, and I'm eager to see if their design goals work out as planned in actual play;
  • the Gamemaster's Guide TOC seems oddly short, but that may be because the actual chapters have a lot of meat in them -- i'm particularly interested in the explanation / differentiation between Sathraism and Antinomy (which I've always held as different, but related) to see how it impacts the setting and the PC experience.
Can't wait for the first book to come out already!


  1. Most interesting. Looks like many aspects of the game are being revamped/worked on so an enterprising GM can really run a wide-ranging game touching on different aspects of the kitchen sink.

  2. I agree with your assessement -- and I hope you're doing better! Did the rest help you with your gastro problems?


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