Monday, January 24, 2011

C&C Character Sheet: Boris Dmitrov

This is an attempted conversion from the original Labyrinth Lord character sheet to a Castles & Crusades one for one of the PCs in my stalled online Play-by-Post game called "Shadows Over Mystara": Boris Dmitrov lives!

This is an image capture from a PDF dump from an Excel Sheet (for those who care about such things).

I've color-coded the Primary Attributes as dark red, for easy visual cues. It may make the Challenge Base values redundant, but since I'm teaching folks who don't know the rules it should be a good reminder. Wait, I'm still learning the rules too -- it's a good reminder for me!

(Updated Jan 29, 2011) Changed to have a Melee and Ranged To Hit line item and the formula for the Challenge Class.

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