Tuesday, January 25, 2011

C&C Character Conversion Dilemma: Elves

Oh pooh. I was doing so well.

So far it's been very easy to convert from Labyrinth Lord to Castles & Crusades. All the humans are easy -- even had an option for one of LL Thieves becoming an assassin. No dwarves, but that'd have been a fighter or barbarian class anyway. I looked at the abilities of the halflings and they're essentially Halfling/Rangers in Castles & Crusades.

But the elf. It's a multi-class solution -- has to be. Argh. The multi-classing options in the back of the book must now be read...

... and an idea forms. I'll build him as a second level multi-classed elf fighter / wizard, a just start the experience at zero -- ignoring the first "level up," so to speak.

UPDATE: But wait, according to the C&C Player's Handbook I don't have to do that. Multi-classes are treated as new classes under their rules and get full benefit of the individual classes with some restrictions! Haha, cool.

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