Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Attempt at Old School Gaming -- Play By Post

Well, I'm making a go of a Labyrinth Lord game at I've tried to create the listing of sub-boards I've seen work at the OD&D Discussion boards and have gotten a few people who are interested. Now I'm waiting for character sheet submissions and reviewing the adventure I want to run.

One of the things I've been toying with is a small "text footprint" character sheet that's still easy to use. Here's an example of what I've gotten so far:

Boris Dmitrov, Male Fighter 1
S17 (+2) D16 (+2) C13 (+1) I12 W12 Ch11 [HP: 9 AC: 0]
Platemail+shield, sword, short bow with 20 arrows, 2 weeks of standard rations, backpack, waterskin, 6 torches, tinderbox.

Hopefully, this will be a nice way to keep the most essential aspects of a character available to me when I look at the various things the players want their characters to do.

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