Saturday, July 25, 2015

DC New: From Ring to Glove (or is it a Lens?)

There are many interesting experiments that DC is taking these days. Some of which are quite instructive when ruminating upon the recreation of the DC & Marvel Universes into a semi-coherent multiverse.

One of thing things that caught my eye was Green Lantern #041:

Apparently, Hal Jordan no longer sports a mask, nor a uniform, nor a ring. He's on the run, and he uses a gauntlet (apparently a prototype of the power ring).

However, it triggered some thoughts -- the evolution of the device that shapes willpower into energy constructs -- makes me think of the inspiration of the power rings (and the rest of the Corps): the Lensmen.

Perhaps in Earth-641, the lenses and the Lensman Corps fragmented in the ancient days and took new forms. Ties in nicely into might thoughts on the Ultraman Corps.

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