Friday, February 21, 2014

Inspiration: Steve Gan and the Star-Lord

With the renewed buzz around the Guardians of the Galaxy film (which doubly-hit me recently because of my SF feeds and comics feeds), I was surprised to hear about Steve Gan -- a Filipino-Chinese comic book artist that not many might have heard of -- in my social media feeds.

It turns out that -- according to this Comixverse article from last year -- Steve Gan was a co-creator of Star-Lord (along with the legendary Steve Englehart). Steve Gan is more well-known locally for the icon of Filipino Fantasy by Caparas and Gan known as Ang Panday (“The Blacksmith”), which debuted in March of 1979. It was further popularized by a series movies by Fernando Poe, Jr. and many other leading men in movies and TV since -- such as Jericho Rosales (to the right).

This, of course, makes me curious about their take on the Star-Lord, who seems to be getting less press than Groot or Rocket Racoon.

It also triggers my interest in the so-called Philippine Invasion of comics back in the 1980s, also recently touched on by the Fire & Water series of podcasts.

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