Thursday, August 15, 2013

RPG Blog Carnival: Mining Genres for a Campaign (part 2)

Here's my 2nd RPG Blog Carnival post on campaign prep. This one is about mining a specific property, as I'll tackle mining a sub-genre in a subsequent post.

I've occasionally posted about inspirations for campaign ideas, but the most developed analysis that I did of a specific property to date was with the comic book The Sixth Gun.

In this series of posts, I do several things:

In Inspiration: The Sixth Gun, I post in general about the property to give some background about it, and why I want to tackle it for the purposes of changing the tone of a fantasy RPG setting or inspiration;

In Mining the Sixth Gun: Weapons of Dark Purpose, I talk about the big McGuffins of the series -- the Guns -- and how they're applicable to a fantasy setting with slightly adjustments to the existents;

In Mining the Sixth Gun: Monstrous Men, I talk about the type of opposition that PCs can expect to confront, as seen in the comic, and as might be seen in the campaign;

In Mining the Sixth Gun: The Strange and the Familiar, I talk about how the rest of the world feels, what other difficulties might arise when PCs trying to achieve their goals, and what kind of visuals and elements might reinforce the desired tone.

In Mining the Sixth Gun: Friends and Posses, I talk about how the concept of friendship and adventuring groups can be given a different spin, in the light of the weird western.

Admittedly, I could have gone on -- just as the series did -- but I felt I'd tackled enough for the purposes of giving my fantasy RPG campaign a different feel, a western feel different from the typical hack & slash.

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