Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mahadlika: A Philippine RPG (Kinda Old & Never Released)

I think this was done as a thesis, or something.

Time to read through it, for kicks. :)


  1. Tell us more! I'm not Filipino but I am from San Diego, which has a very large Filipino community and I swear half my friends in school and girlfriends have been Filipinas or Filipina-Caucasians (before I was a married man, that is), so I find the culture intriguing. Seems like a vastly unexplored setting for an RPG, up there with Africa and India as places games haven't really taken us.

  2. Dariel has his Hari Ragat RPG, which will come out eventually. That's a pre-Spanish era Filipino RPG setting.

    As for this one, I can do a summary of this incarnation, but I believe that the author has a newer version that was never released as well...

  3. This intrigues me. I did a post a few months back asking about gaming in specifically non-North-American/non-European countries, so I'm really interested to find out more.

  4. Oh, what do you want to know about this RPG? Or is it about the Philippine gaming scene in general? Or is it about RPGs published locally dealing with local culture and history?


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