Monday, May 13, 2013

RPG Blog Carnival for May: Campaigns I'd Like to Run -- Overview

This month's RPG Blog Carnival is something close to my heart: Campaigns I'd Like to Run.

Longtime followers of my blog know that most of my posts are about campaigns (long or short) that I'd like to run, but rarely get a chance to (hence, the Armchair Gamer moniker).

I'll have several posts on this, of course. They are:

  • A brief tour of the broad settings that I'd to like to explore as long term campaigns (check out the links at the top of my blog for a hint).
  • A return to my Kitchen Sink Settings of the past. 
  • Some interesting RPGs that I'd like to run like a TV mini-series (because I don't think I could sustain the tone and the escalation in stories necessary to retain plausibility), where you get to make major changes at the end and then possibly shake things up in the next mini-series.
I'll try to tackle why I'm drawn to these, as well. I'd like to throw out there to other GMs why certain RPGs appeal to me, and why I feel I can sustain certain campaigns for a year or more -- and why others must necessarily be a shorter engagement.

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