Monday, April 15, 2013

Confederation Chronicles: A Quick Review

Before I get started on the mini-settings in the macro Confederation Chronicles setting, it helps to review what has gone before.

Last year, I wrote about how I wanted to set up a quasi-military campaign that still allowed for exploration and strange encounters with the wonders and horrors of the universe in part 01 and part 02 of the basic Confederation Chronicles premise.

Having established the broad strokes, I then gave some thought to the mobile base of operations and the fleet that accompanied it in the setting. I even revisited the overall mission that this fleet would be involved in, and how it might occasionally reconnect with the larger body of civilization it's tied to.

Next: some ideas on what the people in this fleet are doing in the short term, and what regular cycles of living and protocols of encounter might entail.

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  1. Thank's for collating this stuff. An interesting setting!


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