Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Black Band Brigade Mini-campaign (Part 1)



A Tron - Magneto piece of art gleefully
repurposed as a visual peg for this
Champions Complete mini-campaign.
On a dark and stormy night, the PCs are traveling together when their vehicle is struck by a sudden meteor from the heavens. The meteor turns out to be a humanoid alien, charred and dying. With his last moments of clarity, he bequeaths an alien weapon of power: the charred black metal armor fused to its body.

Bits of the armor peel off into inky black strands, attach themselves to the wrists of the PCs, and transform into futuristic looking wristwatches.

These black bands grant great power that the PCs must learn to master if they are to survive the various factions that will hunt them down.

However, not all the black bands went to the brigade. Some of them, in fact, seem to have found hosts or bearers that have gone missing since the incident.

And the black bands are imparting some sense of impending danger, of being chased, of being hunted by unknown powers intent on exerting their control over them once more.


Players are asked to build PCs with Skilled Normals (50 CP, 30 pts in Complications), but will be playing characters worthy enough to play in the Standard Superheroic (400 CP, 75 pts in Complications) range.

This is because the 300 CP in powers and abilities and 45 pts. In Complications will be a mandatory package assigned to all the PCs.

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