Friday, November 30, 2012

Isle Imperium: Episode 1.31 -- The 1st Mission Zero

TERENTIUS and FIDA’S cooperation in obtaining necessary intelligence is instrumental in the success of the new First and Second’s first mission, despite a number of potential disasters along the way.

  • CATALINA and VARIAN make the acquaintance of MS. TENNIN (who may or may not have some prior relationship with M. Auden) and the supply clerk (?) IDAN.
  • With a total of ten people available to compose the six teams needed to broach the bright light facility within the imposed time limit, Ian and KENJIRO elect to face the challenges solo.
  • Entering the last gate into the facility, BREGAN uses the Torrent Academician to save the entire team from the fatal wave of black energy released on the opening of the portal.
  • Cat, ALECTO, and Ian are judged and found worthy through bloodline by the sentience governing the facility, while Kenjiro neatly sidesteps the issue, resulting in the desired reclamation of the bright light facility.
  • Outside the facility, Kenjiro is attacked and felled by PINION, Lambent Angel of Chaos, who thereafter converses with the rest of the team and, somewhat surprisingly, leaves them be. Kenjiro is revived and immediately resolves to be rid of the “small blue enclave” in the vicinity of the facility.
  • Upon returning to Peerdin, Aly notices that ELINORA and LUCIA, of the Diamond Red’s Second, have signed in to the registry. Accompanied by Cat and Ian, she goes to speak to them, learning that the rest of the former Second have perished, with the exception of Fida and of MEGAERA, who has become blue.

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