Friday, October 26, 2012

Isle Imperium: Episode 1.25 -- The House of Mim

Following several revelatory introductory scenes, the party journeys to the House of Mim, agreeing to meet Mantius at Peerdin following this first mission. Despite their initial paucity of funds and the staggering cost of even staying at the gambling house, they manage to fulfill the objective of acquiring territory not just once, but thrice.

  • Through THESSALY’S inspiration as Fellmind for the group to bet simultaneously, the party manages to win over 1,650 chips altogether from the Skin Dancer in their first challenge.
  • VARIAN, in particular, charms the floor manager LILLIAN, leading to certain easements in their favor (not counting the really expensive teddy bear drinks) for the duration of their stay.
  • CATALINA keeps things fair through Unconquered Warder, enabling herself and Thess to eke out a win against the Master of Causality.
  • Gambling in between challenges, ARCTURUS manages to make respectable profit overall as well as the acquaintance of the octopus-like couple TAVENDER and TAVINDIR, who later make friends with the rest of the group and help fund their entry into the third challenge.
  • Through the now-heroic Dragon Fist (via the Dragon and Sacred Fists’ earlier revelation that all martials can be made heroes), ALECTO defeats the Lost Pilgrim in one move to his proposed four.
  • After tipping Lillian and treating their octopus friends to a round of drinks, the party takes amiable leave of the House of Mim and arrives to a cordial welcome at Peerdin.

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