Friday, October 26, 2012

Isle Imperium: Episode 1.23 -- Family Business

When ALECTO realizes that Chaos’ Black Carnifex is in fact her eldest sister Tisiphone, CATALINA, as the Prodigious Scholar, discovers that ARCTURUS has been invaded by blue, which MANTIUS, NIKOMEDES, ORESTES, VASILIS, and TERENTIUS quickly gather to deal with, fortunately with success. At Arc’s request, the three original carnies later go to petition that the Diamond Rose Vambrace Warder INEA open the Brother Sun action Sister of the Moon for purchase at the bank, in response to which they are offered and accept a mission preceding those of the coming month, to rescue the Sister of the Sun.

  • Through Cat, the Prodigious Scholar looks over the Ninth’s shards, pronouncing the Grey Speaker and Winterheart Oracle as “possible”, while the Hex Elocutor, Saint of Woods, and Thornsmith Juggernaut are shunned.
  • The party members go on a buying and selling spree, during which the Hex Elocutor is sold and they encounter several members of the mysterious Fifth Number, most notably (to Cat) the Blade of the Fifth Point TOBIAS.
  • Cat learns certain words of power: “Adanos Goridus Vanaro” and “Kalinos Iaius”.
  • HAEMON delivers some mild admonitions to Arc and VARIAN, in particular implying that Brother Sun should be used in the Ninth’s first mission.
  • Aly and Cat meet Inea’s junior warder, ANANIAS, and through him, speak to Iason’s junior and possible child, VIRGAIA. They also learn that Ian’s father Auden is a trainer of some esteem, currently supervising the Thirteenth.
  • The party hears its first definite mention of the Ivory Legion, as well as the Emerald Legion, Lady Invidious, and Dantilus the Wicker King.

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