Sunday, September 2, 2012

Earth-641: The Emerald Eye, The Guardians, and Magic

According to DC, during the weekly 52 series, the will-shaped green-colored abilities that come from the Green Lantern power rings was supposedly based on the abilities of the being called Ekron.

This powerful being (which piloted what looks like the head of a giant tusked creature), was also created or commanded by the Guardians, had the abilities that the GLs would later have. In addition, in the time of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Eye(s) of Ekron retain their almost godlike abilities without the apparent need to recharge.

But Ekron was also the name of a city that the Philistine Ba'al (there were many beings named ba'al, which is understood to mean 'lord' or 'master'), who may have been known both as Ba'al Zebul (which has been translated as 'lord prince' or 'lord of the house') or Ba'al Zebub (which has been translated as 'lord of the flies', but could be a denigrating epithet that originated from the true name).

Might there be a connection to the mystical side of things?

The Starheart

Well, we know that the original lantern of Alan Scott was a semi-sentient thing called the Starheart. The Starheart was a collection of all the magic in that the Guardians could gather in the Universe -- apparently concerned about necromantic powers contaminating magic, and quite possibly to exert the control that they're so intent on imposing on the universe.

Perhaps a substantial amount of magical energy -- in some way -- has been stolen or converted by the Guardians into cosmic energy. Perhaps their mastery of what they call the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum is tied to that. And their lies about where life originated in the universe are part of more yet-to-be-revealed secret?

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