Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fixing the TOC of Eldritch Skies

It's frustrating to review something with a very unhelpful table of contents. And that's where I am with Eldritch Skies.

No, I don't read RPGs in sequence. I normally select the chapters based on my own preferred pattern of reading, honed by many years of not reading and learning RPGs. Plus, I occasionally need to refer back to the book and seldom have the exact location of a rule memorized.

Being confronted by a Table of Contents that says (for the most part) "Chapter 1, p. 20" and "Chapter 5, p. 162" isn't very helpful.

For those of you following along at home (assuming they haven't revised this in the meantime), here's a more helpful TOC:
  • VECTORS, p. 6 (Introductory Short Fiction)
  • CHAPTER 1, P. 20 -- The Eldritch Past & The Mythos Present
  • CHAPTER 2, P. 50 -- Civilians and Operatives
  • CHAPTER 3, P. 98 -- Rules & Gear
  • CHAPTER 4, P. 142 -- Arcane Secrets
  • CHAPTER 5, P. 162 -- The Realms of the Mythos
  • CHAPTER 6, P. 198 -- Eldritch Threats & Alien Wonders
  • CHAPTER 7, P. 242 -- Storytelling Advice
  • APPENDIX, P. 258
  • SERENDIPITY, P.268 (Ending Short Fiction)

And yes, I feel that there should be expanded listings on that Table of Content page (even if it's a smaller font). Furthermore, I think that the page numbers should not be off by 1 either (leading you to the last page of the prior chapter).

I'm still slogging through, because it really has a nice feel -- and may be worth merging with all the other Cthulhu stuff I have for Trail of Cthulhu and maybe even with another Unisystem game that deals with alien conspiracies.

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