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Earth 641: Maltusians, Kree, Oans, and other blue races

The Goal

An ill-advised attempt to connect the prominent blue-skinned races in the Marvel & DC Universes.

Maltusians -- The Progenitor Race in Universe 641

There progenitor race of the Kree & the Oans had an empire that was ruled from its intergalactic capital of Maltus. However, both have their own records and history about a member of their race (unnamed by the Kree, Krona for the Oans) who dared to delve into things beyond their remit -- resulting in a race-wide punishment. Whether it was motivated by a desire to see the beginnings of the universe (Krona) or to use a reality-warping crystal to control all the universe is unknown and irrelevant; the truth is lost in the distant past. It could have been both or something far darker.

The Maltusians were either cursed or traumatized by the effects of that exploration and experimentation. Rumors and accepted history vary, but they say it resulted in: a) splintering the universe into a multiverse; b) unleashing evil into the universe; c) creating the anti-matter / negative universe. It was a watershed event -- this ill-advised attempt at understanding or controlling the universe resulted in a splintering and scattering of the race.

Through processes unknown to other races, the progenitor race modified itself or was cursed -- the more conquest-driven members of the race became the Kree (blue and pink-skinned), the guilt-ridden scientists and philosophers obsessed with control became the Oans (blue-skinned) and the Controllers (violet-skinned), and the Zamarons (blue-skinned females). The more pacifistic, withdrawn members became the Watchers (pink-skinned). There may be more of their race -- hidden enclaves, lost tribes, exiled luminaries -- scattered or hidden across the stars in unknown locations. What is known, as that their awesome knowledge base splintered, fragmented, turned in on itself, and mutated in strange ways across the millennia.

The Kree

Originally a faction obsessed with righting the wrong that they had unleased, they became a very militaristic organization -- some say the first attempt at an intergalactic constabulary -- that eventually lost sight of their goals. It is rumored that they had their higher technologies stripped from them by the other remnant races of the Maltusians and became a barbaric race haunted by memories of their once bright past. It is also rumored that the 'genetic dead-end' for their race was compounded by a further punishment from the Maltusians, somehow locked into their genetic code.

Perhaps this is why they were banished to a world where they were forced to live in harmony with the Cotati. Perhaps this is why they strove so hard against the same Cotati to win a chance at higher technologies from the Skrull. Perhaps this is why they ultimately slaughtered the Cotati and that Skrull faction for the advanced technology being offered as a prize.

Their empire has grown and shrunk across the years due to wars, most often with the Skrulls, but sometimes with the avian-descended Shi'ar.

The Oans (Guardians, Controllers, Watchers, etc.)

A continuously fragmenting and splintering race due to ideals, philosophies, and strategies, the Maltusians who settled on Oa -- now calling themselves the Guardians -- retained their great abilities and technologies. Still driven by a desire to right wrongs, and undeterred by the first intergalactic police force people by their own race (which they stubbornly refer to as the Hallas), they tried several other strategies: the Manhunters, the Green Lantern Corps, the New Guardians. Offshoots like the Controllers created the Darkstars and the terrible Sun-eaters.

They seem hostile to the concept of emotion and passion (and sometimes compassion), which has -- more often than not -- caused many intergalactic races and empires to be wary of their attempts to help the universe through their paramilitary organizations and weapons.

In recent years, their control over a preferred source of reality-bending energy known as "The Glow" has erupted into a so-called 'War of Light', involving their Green Lantern Corps.

Shades of Blue

Surely not all blue races are of Maltusian descent. However, some humanoid races of note may have same claim to that genetic lineage:
  • Talokians -- a race of humanoids of varying shades of blue that have produced wielders of Starlight and wielders of Shadow. The former is a race obsessed with conquest, the latter is more xenophobic and isolationist.
  • Centaurians -- blue mystics with crests on their heads, able to control metal with sound; is this a lost tribe of warrior-philosophers?
  • Atlanteans -- are the blue-skinned members of this race part of a breeding experiment with Kree DNA in the earliest days of the human race?

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