Monday, June 11, 2012

MHRP: Marvel Team-Up (Spider-Man & Daredevil)

The players joining me in an exploration of the Cortex Plus incarnation for the Marvel universe have chosen their characters: Spider-man and Daredevil. Iconic street-level heroes!

I'm modifying the mini-event in the rulebook for this test run and pitting them against Carnage while they're trapped in a malfunctioning underground level of The Raft, and they're currently about to engage.

I have to say, it's interesting to wrap my mind around the logic of the Plot Point economy, though I have to say that at this point it doesn't seem to contribute to immersion into the world. The players seem to become co-authors in the crafting of the scene (but that's a Watcher's perspective, I gotta ask my players how the game feels afterward).

Which is not to say it's not fun; it is. But it's different from my usual experience in gaming.

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