Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CharGen: Same Hero in ICONS -- the concept!

Remember this?

Prowess - Ideal Maximum Human (6)
Coordination - Above Average Human (4)
Strength - Superhuman (8)
Intellect - Exceptional Human (5)
Awareness - Above Average Human (4)
Willpower - Ideal Maximum Human (6)

Number of Powers: 4

Control - Telekinesis (2)
Mental - Animal Control (6)
Defensive - Invulnerability (4)
Offensive - Aura (1)

Specialties: 3

Well, I have my concept here: I have a man, probably a hunter or a security guard to an evil or amoral archaeologist, who accidentally gains the favor of the mythical Behemoth mentioned in the Book of Enoch and found in the lands near Eden. Behemoth, lord of the creatures of the land, rival to Leviathan, lady of the creatures of the sea, both imprisoned until the end times!

Marked by Behemoth, Adam Silangan gains incredible power (Strength) and toughness (Invulnerability). His skin bristles with thorny spines (Aura), and he is granted dominion over land mammals (Animal Control). He is also granted dominion over two ghostly monkeys, who invisibly perform his will (Telekinesis).

Since I randomly rolled up his origin, I got the transformed origin which means I get to up the level of something by 2. I think I'll pick the Invulnerability to go up to 6, in order to match the mythical level of toughness associated with the Behemoth.

Next: Rounding Out the Character

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  1. Nice - I like the origin and background. Now all he needs is an arch-enemy touched by Leviathan.


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