Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Research on Gods: Trimorphoi - the triple godhead

Some research from a friend on the Trimorphoi.

"Trimorphoi (tree-MORH-foy) is a term that covers the multiple aspects of triple godhead, which is to say various divinities understood as a set of three. Debatable exceptions to this include Diana and Hecate (both part of the set of Diana, Selene, and Hecate, but each also frequently depicted independently) and the nine Muses, said to be a 'tripled triple'.

While the trimorphoi are classically only depicted as maiden, mother, and crone in their aspect as the Fates, it can be perceived that, in the majority of forms, there is a progression of beginning-middle-end, which is interpreted by some as morning-noon-night, and some as past-present-future, and can certainly be taken as a youngest-to-eldest representation."                  

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