Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Prometheus and Fading Suns musings

I posted before about how the upcoming Ridley Scott film Prometheus can serve as inspiration for the Fading Suns RPG. And that was before I saw the full trailer above.

Aside from the very obvious option of tying in the major archeological find here with the Annunaki of the Fading Suns, there is a lot that might be mined for direct application to the way the Guild (in particular the Scravers and Engineers) might mount such an expedition to a secret Annunaki world.

The fact that the Fading Suns universe holds penalties for non-authorized citizens of the Known Worlds that use high technology shouldn't matter here -- Engineers, Scravers, Charioteers, etc. are covered by the Doctrine of Martyrs, allowing them to take on the burden of understanding technology and the higher sciences.

Another option that can be used: this scenario that unfolds in the trailer can be the very reason the Second Republic -- humanity at the height of its scientific and mystical knowledge -- fell apart. It could be the very reason entire systems were sealed off. It could be why certain technologies and certain gateway technologies are still proscribed, and why the Universal Church of the Pancreator (as well as Guildsmen and Nobles in the know) punish violators secretly, violently, and permanently.


Below is the UK version of the trailer. It's different from the U.S. version above.

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