Thursday, January 5, 2012

Inspiration: Nexus

Nexus flies to deliver his judgement to an unsuspecting mass murderer.
Nexus -- a comic by Mike Baron and Steve Rude -- is one of my pegs for a superheroic science fiction setting. I love the core story of an executioner of mass murderers who is (initially) driven to kill out of self-defense; a real twist on the original inspiration of the character -- Space Ghost.

Judah battling a Gucci Quattro to enter the chambers of Nexus.
Above and beyond that -- I love the characters. I enjoyed the other also-Nexuses (the Loomis sisters and Stanislaus Korvitsky), I am of course fond of Horatio Hellpop, the Merk, Alpha and Beta, Dave and his son Judah Maccabee (independent adjudicator), Sundra Peale, Ursula Imada, the various Gucci Quattros in the storyline.

The mass murderers are interesting as well, especially the first one executed -- Horatio's own father -- and of course the father of the Loomis sisters.

I like Ylum and the asylum it provides to political refugees. I like the Heads and their telekinetic abilities (and the ability to apparently aid in fusionkasting energies from the hearts of stars).

Ah, I'm going to read that series again soon -- research for my upcoming Hero System campaign in a super-powered Terran Empire setting.


There's a fantastic summary of the history of the protagonist here -- with pictures!

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