Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lone Wolf: FFTD Chronicles 01 - It Begins

Okay, so I rolled up my character:

Lone Wolf [ CS 15, Endurance 24 ] is setting off on the adventure Flight from the Dark!

My selection for Kai Disciplines:
  • Healing -- for that all important +1 Endurance every numbered section
  • Sixth Sense -- just because
  • Mind Shield -- I don't like being Mind Blasted
  • Animal Kinship -- talking to the animals can help in intelligence gathering
  • Camouflage -- sometimes a hero needs to hide.
Let's see where my decisions and dice rolls take me on this solo adventure.

Update -- more character creation

Let's take a gander at equipment. We have
  • an axe -- good weapon
  • a backpack with 1 Meal
  • some gold crowns (3 only, but I wasn't probably the most wealthy student)
  • a Map of Somerlund
and I also find in the ruins
  • a chainmail waistcoat (+4 to Endurance) -- lucky! Need that.
Update -- the adventure truly begins

This is the cover of the first Lone
Wolf book I ever owned!
Well, I'm at the proper start of the adventure. My mission is clear: make it to the capital and warn the King about the fall of the Kai Lords.

Faced with two possible paths to travel, I'm given an option to use one of the disciplines I selected -- Sixth Sense! I use it and learn that both paths will bring me into contact with enemy patrols.

I can either go south through the undergrowth, or travel northeast (which has heavier foliage). Time to refer to the map. If I go south, I'll have to find a way to cross the river; if I go northeast, I'll probably get to the road, perhaps find some transport, and cross the river easier at the bridge -- but I'll technically be going away from my goal for a while.

So... south or northeast?

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