Sunday, November 27, 2011

Isle Imperium: Shard Art - part 1

Found some shard art done by a fellow player.

This is the Sapphire Helios Guard Warder, and the Saint of Eaves.

Saints had a strange set of abilities -- they came across like rogues, but with special powers and skill sets when dealing with something falling under the purview of their assumed name. They also had abilities associated with their halos.

Warders usually had some ability to aggregate different abilities that a mount had, as well as the ability to coordinate and combine the abilities of the members of a team of sharded mounts.

The naming convention for this warder suggests that it originally belonged to the Sapphire Legion (Sapphire), belonged to a given reign of warders associated with the colors of the sun (Helios), and had something to do with the role of protection or perhaps security (Guard).

But that's all speculation, since apparently the roles taken on by the ruling warders of a given Legion vary.

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