Friday, August 26, 2011

A Word On Astral Empires: Font Choice

Astral Empires -- an RPG that I've mentioned before -- is one of the things I'm reading now.

It caught my attention because it cites the original Star Wars RPG, which used the D6 system, as one of its inspirations. Furthermore, the universe of Christian Conkle's Lightspeed (a former Fuzion RPG with many homages to favorite SF settings, alien races, and characters) is apparently being (or has already been) folded into this RPG setting. With the presence of my old and decaying Star Wars RPG books and PDFs of the other D6 Science Fiction settings, it seems that D6 is carving out a niche for gonzo / space opera / kitchen sink gameplay.

However, my initial flip-through of the book reveals a big problem for me: layout. In particular, font choice. It's hard to read, and I'm sometime trying to determine from context if something is D6 or 06, or having to interrupt reading and zooming in. I think that even Arial is a bit more readable than the body text font chosen. Which I think could have been the font choice for the original Star Wars RPG body text, I'll have to check.

So, what to do? Fortunately, I notice that copy & paste hasn't been disabled on the PDFs, so I think I'll do that -- copy and paste into Word, change the font, and read through the book so that I can update y'all on the content. It's too bad, since I like a lot of the 3D ship art -- it adds flavor to the read.

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