Sunday, August 7, 2011

HEROic D&D and Enigmundia: Actual Document Writing

I guess it's actually time to write drafts of sections (and finalize an outline) of these two inter-related projects. Interestingly enough, this was around the time that I discovered several older posts on the topic of laying out / organizing information in RPG materials:
  • from Zak S [ 1 ]
  • from Talysman [ 1 ]

Also, I was interested in the Liber Zero posts [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]by Talysman which seems to be an approach that saves up on the space of writing a whole set of rules by just creating tables, being concise, and noting where your rules differ from the established ones.

Which I suppose is fine if I tackle a more readily available source of rules like Labyrinth Lord (free!) or OSRIC (free!). But what if you gotta buy it?

And, in typical unfocused Gamer ADD fashion, I'm thinking of just doing reviews on all my current retroclone copies to decide. AGH!

What madness has taken root here?

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